• Independent Consultant

    Dec 2017 - Present

    I help my clients leverage Serverless and Micro-Service architectures and build highly scalable applications. Some of my recent clients include Verizon, SmartAsset, Aristo (India), Bigears (New Zealand), and vFan (Canada).

  • Principal Software Engineer, Ixia, Austin

    Nov 2016 - Nov 2017

    At Ixia, I helped build the CloudLens platform, which provides network visibility solutions to public and private clouds. Cloudlens enables IT teams to use a lift-and-shift strategy for migrating their existing infrastructure to the cloud and continue using the tools they are familiar with to tap and monitor network traffic.

    CloudLens is built using AWS API gateway, Lambda, and IoT. It is designed using a completely Serverless architecture.

    • 2017 Golden bridge awards; Network Visibility Innovations category winner.
    • 2017 TMC Cloud Computing Magazine cloud security excellence award winner.

  • Technical Lead, Rackspace, Austin

    June 2013 - Nov 2016

    At Rackspace, I worked on multiple projects to expand the portfolio of services we provide to our public and private cloud customers.

    2015 - 2016: Tech lead and Upstream developer for OpenStack Magnum at the OpenStack Innovation Center (OSIC). OSIC is a partnership between Rackspace and Intel to accelerate enterprise adoption of OpenStack through innovation. Magnum is a containers as a service (CaaS) for OpenStack clouds. Magnum supports Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Mesos as the container orchestration system.

    2013 - 2015: Core contributor and upstream developer for OpenStack Solum. Solum is a PaaS for OpenStack clouds. This is a CI/CD platform which allows developers to go from code to production quickly and seamlessly. This was one of the first OpenStack projects to leverage Docker containers.

    - OpenStack Heat, Keystone & Barbican.
    - Docker and LXC containers.
    - Docker Swarm & Kubernetes.
  • Co-founder, Key to the Street, Austin

    2013 - 2014

    Key to the Street is a mobile design service that empowers citizens, by allowing them to collaborate with city planners, to design streets that are pedestrian and bicycle friendly, safe and accessible.

  • Software Design Engineer, Microsoft, Seattle

    Aug 2008 - March 2013

    At Microsoft, I worked on the Cloud Commerce Platform. These were the early days of cloud at Microsoft. Used company wide, this is the service provisioning, subscription management and billing infrastructure used by Office 365, Windows Azure and others to deliver their services through direct and syndicated channels.

  • Software Engineer, X-Engines, San Jose

    Aug 2006 - July 2008

    Designed Network Search Engine services, on FPGA's, for use in high speed gigabit Ethernet routers.


  • Depaul University, Chicago

    2004 - 2006

    Masters, Software Engineering